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Alastair grew up in rural England, working on farms, retail and catering before going on to study Business Information Systems at the University of Portsmouth. After graduation, Alastair bought his first house on the outskirts of London, finally fulfilling his dream of investing in Real Estate, all the while establishing a career in IT Project Management and serving as a volunteer Police Officer for 7 years.

In 2010, Alastair moved to Canada and fell in love with Vancouver. He continued to expand his Real Estate portfolio, by further educating himself in Real Estate, and going on to help others develop their journey through joint ventures.

In 2013, Alastair rallied 33 of his friends together to build a school in Kenya for 1000 deserving children, and in the same year founded a campaign to fully fund a monthly luncheon for residents of Vancouver’s downtown eastside, for 2 years. Both hugely rewarding experiences that allowed him to serve and give back to his community.

In his spare time, Alastair loves to play squash, soccer, hike and ski. With a long-standing passion for Real Estate and a natural interest in getting to know people and being of service, Alastair is committed to helping his clients with their Real Estate journey.

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