Susan Gadsby

Unlicensed Assistant | Office Manager

Susan is an essential member of Team Kerr shes our Office Manager, a role which ensures the smooth operation of all our day-to-day functions. It is in no small part due to Susans exceptional organizational skills and high levels of attention to detail that we are able to maintain such an enviable reputation for industry excellence. To put it simply, without Susan, the office just wouldnt function nearly half as well as it does. She looks after all our administrative duties and enables our REALTORS® to do their jobs to the best of their ability.

Susan is very much considered as a real people person by all those who cross paths with her. It is her sense of humor, likeability and professionalism that keeps both our clients and REALTORS® happy. With Susan they can always feel they are in safe hands.

Having worked in admin/customer service roles for more than 20 years in publishing, architecture, hospitality, printing, non-profit, and contract sales, shes jumped at the chance to work in real estate when the position became available at our offices in 2014, after wanting to get into the industry for some time.

Susan grew up on the North Shore and moved to Kitsilano in her twenties. She prefers the convenience of now living in a more cosmopolitan setting, allowing her to go most places on foot without the need to drive anywhere.

When not at work, Susan loves to travel, particularly to visit her three young nieces who live in England. She enjoys Kundalini Yoga and going for a walk or a bike ride in the sun to remain active. She also loves being creative and bakes whenever she can, as well as making her own birthday cards for friends and family. British crime dramas are some of favorite television shows.

Susan volunteers locally for Project Somos, a childrens village in Guatemala that houses and educates orphaned and homeless children in a self-sustaining community.

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