5 Ways to Give Back This Holiday Season

  • If you’re looking for the perfect way to give back to your East Vancouver community this season, we’ve rounded up our favourite causes that deserve support.

    Be Santa to a Senior in Your East Vancouver Neighbourhood

    This amazing organization started in 2003 as a way to brighten the lives of seniors. Playing Santa to a Senior can mean donating gifts or volunteering to help distribute them. Simply input your postal code to find the closest participating senior centre, and choose your method of giving back.

    The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre

    The Downtown Eastside Women’s Centre is always grateful for donated goods and services. See here for their complete wish list of items that ranges from toiletries to craft supplies. Volunteer opportunities for women over 18 in a variety of functions at the shelter are also available. Every year, the DEWC hosts a Christmas dinner and New Year’s breakfasts; this could be your year to make the difference in the life a woman and child who’ve suffered from homelessness, violence, addiction and poverty.

    For a complete list of shelters in your East Vancouver neighbourhood and beyond, see the Shelter Strategy and contact them for ways you can help.

    Support The BC SPCA Branch in Mount Pleasant

    Our four-legged friends could use a little love, too. The Vancouver branch of the BC SPCA in Mt. Pleasant is always grateful for your gently used donations of towels, blankets, and dog or cat toys. Monetary donations, the gift of your time as a volunteer, and other ways to support this organization on their mission to help animals in need can be found here.

    The Senior Animals in Need Today Society is also a wonderful organization that provides sanctuary to animals in the lower mainland. Find out how you can help SAINTS Rescue.

    Donate to the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House

    Since 1976, the Mount Pleasant Neighbourhood House has been working to better the community through various programs, rooted in its beginnings as a youth leadership seminar. From skill-building workshops and child care to outreach programs, you can help this community-minded organization through donations and volunteering in your very own backyard.

    Help the Vancouver Eastside with Quest Food Exchange

    Know someone or own a restaurant, supermarket or wholesaler? BC’s largest not-for-profit exchange program takes surplus food and redistributes it to people in need. How can you help? Encourage local food vendors to participate in the Quest Food Exchange, or do so yourself! You can also donate or volunteer to this worthy cause on Vancouver’s Eastside.

    What’s your favourite way to give back during the holiday season, or play Santa all year ‘round? Share your favourite cause with us on Facebook!

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