A Great Time To Invest in Vancouver

  • So, you own your own house and are starting to think about investment in Vancouver real estate properties. Why Vancouver? You know that there are very few places on earth getting the same return on investment that Vancouver real estate properties are getting today.

    But you may still have some reservations, will the market stay this hot? How long will it stay hot? Real estate is well-known to be a solid investment generally but here are some of the reasons Vancouver Open Houses will remain well attended into the future.

    1. People love To Live In Vancouver

    The number one reason Vancouver’s real estate market  is so hot is that the city is an amazing and beautiful place to live.

    When you hear that real estate supply in Vancouver is low what you are really being told is that new construction is limited by the same city regulations that keep the city such a beautiful and amazing place to live. The city is committed to maintaining its perfect balance between urban and natural features.

    Vancouver has temperate weather, the ocean, mountains, skiing, great schools, world-class chefs, and many amazing cultural and entertainment centers. As long as people care about enjoying the good life, Vancouver will remain a magnet for people looking for a beautiful place to live.

    1. Strong Fundamentals Will Keep Vancouver Open Houses Full

    The Canadian dollar and interest rates are low and demand for real estate is high. These are all indications of Vancouver’s strong economic fundamentals and why real estate remains such an attractive sector.

    British Columbia leads the nation in economic growth and that growth is projected to continue well into the future (including a 3% rate for the next two years).

    1. Solid, Friendly, and Safe

    Part of what makes the economy so strong is how welcoming an international environment Vancouver is. The city has great public transportation, an award-winning airport, and it’s a great walking city. Vancouver has a wide variety of amazing parks, beaches, and hiking trails.

    Another factor favoring your investment into the Vancouver real estate sector is the environment  of the city itself. People like to live in a safe environment and Vancouver is known all over the world for its friendly people, clean streets, and safe streets.

    At the end of the day, there are plenty of good reasons to continue investing in Vancouver real estate. No matter if you are moving towards investing in real estate purely to diversify your portfolio or to make sure your kids or family possess valuable property into the future, this is a great time to make a play in this sector.

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