Announcing Gap Analysis Investment Training

  • More and more Canadians are concerned today about their financial future and plans for retirement. Not having thorough plans in place for the future can create “gaps” where retirement needs aren’t fully met. In order to help you address these concerns, Team Kerr is teaming up with Vine Wealth to go beyond just real estate or the stock markets and help you plan for the future.

    We are invited our valued customer to a personalized ‘Gap Analysis’ with best-selling author and wealth advisor, Peter Kinch. The ‘Gap Analysis’ helps you identify the gap in your current retirement plan and helps you build a strategy to address it. We will start with the end in mind and work backwards to make sure every investment decision is made in the context of achieving your goal.

    You can find out more about Peter Kinch’s work and expertise here on his Youtube series “The Mortgage Minute.”

    He was also featured in this CTV news segment where he discusses 2017 housing market predictions.

    This workshop is limited at 22 seats in order for each participant to have dedicated time in assessing their needs.

    RSVP by December 4th, 2017 by emailing or by calling us at 604-880-4588.


    Gap Analysis Invite Dec 2018

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