Back To School In Vancouver

  • September might mean cooler days, warmer clothes, and a general “back to life” attitude, but it’s also the quintessential time for literally getting back to school. If you’re a new Vancouver home buyer, the key to a successful, less stressed transition is simply a bit of planning ahead.

    Plan your route

    If you drive your kids to school, give it a test run so you know where you’re going, and how much time you should give yourself! Download helpful apps like Waze (hands-free bluetooth enabled, of course) that give you traffic notifications so you can avoid getting stuck. Check out construction notices, and generally give yourself enough time so you’re not panicked in Vancouver’s rush hour.

    The gear

    Who doesn’t enjoy a little Back-to-School shopping? Gastown’s Army & Navy is an awesome place to stock up on literally everything your little ones will need: school supplies at cheap prices, and even clothes, shoes, and other accessories like back-backs. It may be a discount department store, but you’ll still find some good brands and helpful staff.

    Calendar Central

    Organization is a key factor in family bliss! Make coordination easier by using one central calendar to map out extracurricular activities, any volunteer work, appointments, etc. Use a different colour for each family member, or if you’re going paperless, select an app that allows syncing across multiple devices and accounts so the whole family can view and make changes.

    Mind + Body Bliss

    Add a recent move to summer’s already topsy-turvey schedule, and you’ll have some pretty tired kidlets on your hands. One trick is to gently ease into the new school schedule by going to bed fractionally earlier every night, and getting up subsequently earlier every morning, for a week or so before school starts. Ensure everyone is back on a regular meal schedule to stay well energized and alert to be in top shape for learning!


    Most of all: enjoy the season! Back-to-School is an exciting time for all, and don’t forget to connect as a family amongst all the hustle and bustle.

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