A Beginner’s Guide to East Vancouver

  • When it comes to labeling a city, a lot of names and abbreviations get thrown around to describe different neighborhoods or areas of town.  Vancouver is no different and, while it may seem intimidating at first, each part of town has been distinguished as such for a reason. Vancouver is a city full of culture and diversity, and each unique neighborhood is a part of that.  East Vancouver, or East Van as many locals call it, is one such neighborhood. Here at Team Kerr, we sell real estate around the Greater Vancouver Area but pride ourselves on having some of the best East Vancouver real estate agents around.  Not only will we help you find your dream home, but we will help you get acquainted with the neighborhoods that you are exploring. Read on to discover more about what makes East Vancouver so special.

    Where is East Vancouver?

    First things first, let’s identify where East Vancouver is.  In short, East Vancouver is considered everything within the city east of Main Street.  Everything to the west of Main Street is considered, you guessed it, the west side. As the area of East Vancouver becomes more populated and gentrifies the border has pushed further and further east.  Unlike West Vancouver and North Vancouver, East Vancouver is still a part of the greater namesake city.

    So what neighborhoods are located in East Vancouver?

    By most standards, East Vancouver includes ten major neighborhoods.  Mount Pleasant includes Main Street and South Main. Riley Park houses Queen Elizabeth Park and Nat Bailey Stadium.  Strathcona is home to Chinatown, Grandview includes Commercial Drive, and Kensington includes Trout Lake. Additionally, Hastings Sunrise, Renfrew-Collingwoord, Kilarney, Victoria-Frasierview, and Sunset are all a part of East Van.  

    What is so special about this side of town?

    East Van has already has a lot going for it and seems to becoming cooler by the day.  It is home to Trout Lake/John Hendry Park – one of the city’s most beautiful and favored green spaces.  Commercial Drive also runs through East Van and is full of fun and unique restaurants, cafes, stores, and watering holes.  This particular part of town feels especially European, thanks to its early heritage. The PNE and Playland Amusement Park make for great family outings, and the craft beer scene in East Van is perfect for adult’s looking to taste the local flavor.  No matter your age, interests, or demographic, East Van has something for everybody.

    As your East Vancouver real estate agents, we want to make sure you not only find your ideal home but that it is also in the ideal neighborhood.  Location is as, if not more, important than the home itself and our caring family at Team Kerr will stop at nothing to make sure you are satisfied.  That said, East Van has a lot to offer just about everybody, and we will always encourage potential homebuyers to check it out!

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