The Best April Fool’s Pranks to Pull on your Kids

  • Without a doubt, April fool’s pranks can be risky business. But let’s be honest, sometimes, they deserve it for all of the blood, sweat and tears we’ve put into bringing them up! So why not give in to the lighter side of things and celebrate this April 1st by acting like the kid yourself.

    New House, Haunted House

    Have you just moved into a new house? Whether it’s brand-new or a historic piece of Vancouver real estate, have a little fun with your little ones by convincing them they’ve moved into a haunted house:

    Dab some blue food gel dye on the inside of the bathtub faucet so when your child turns on the water, they’ll get a blue surprise!

    Got more than one little? Once they’re off to dreamland, quietly and carefully move them into each other’s bed. When they wake, watch for some surprised faces.

    Using clear tape, cover only parts of the faucet and so when the next person turns it on, they’ll get super soaked; better than water balloons!

    Take the Electricity Out of Their Electronics

    This one works on anyone addicted to their TV or gaming consoles. Either place a piece of clear tape of the sensors, or simply remove the batteries from all remotes so the next person who goes to turn it on, well, can’t! What a mystery why it’s not working…

    Sleepless Nights Payback

    Once the kids are in bed, set the clocks back an hour–or two!–so it’ll be early morning rising for your little sleepyheads. We suggest planning a super special breakfast as a reward for the early wake-up call.

    Laughable Lessons

    Plastic wrap a doorway and watch them skid to an invisible stop! That’ll keep your little speedsters from running through the house next time. Got a teen? Create a fake parking ticket and leave it on their windshield. It’ll be good practice for keen driving around the maze that is Vancouver street parking.

    The Great Swap

    Replace their toothpaste with mayo, and their Oreo cookie filling with toothpaste for a minty-fresh surprise!

    What are your favourite April Fool’s Pranks of all time? Share on our Facebook page!

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