How to Best Take a Break from Exploring Fairview Real Estate

  • Now is a great time to consider investing in Vancouver real estate, as more and more people are drawn to our little slice of heaven on the Pacific.  While there are pros and cons to every neighborhood in Vancouver, just one glance at the Fairview real estate listings will demonstrate why this neighborhood is so desirable.  There are a lot of Fairview real estate options available and, as your top Fairview realtor, we look forward to helping you find the right one!  Of course, property shopping can be exhausting so here are three places to explore on Granville Island in Fairview to ease the stress of house hunting.

    Crown Jewel of Granville Island: The Public Market

    If you ask any stranger in Vancouver what to do on Granville Island while you are exploring Fairview real estate, they will point you to the public market.  Easily one of the nicest markets in the country, this indoor bazaar is open 7 days/week and boasts all types of food and drink.  From ready-made dishes to the freshest ingredients and treats for home, you could spend hours exploring all that the Granville Island Public Market has to offer.

    Treat your Children to a Fun Afternoon at the Kid’s Market

    After hauling your kids around to see a selection of homes, and stopping at the Granville Island Public Market for a quick bite to eat, they will have earned a stop at the Kids Market.  Located in a century’s old factory, this marketplace boasts over 25 shops and activities all geared toward children.  There are places to play indoors to let go of some of that pent up energy as well as a great patio, pond, and play area outside.  If that still isn’t enough, there is a waterpark next door to really let go of some of natural stress that arises when shopping the Fairview real estate listings.

    Kick Back and Relax as you Ponder your Fairview Real Estate Decision

    At this point, you’ve spent hours perusing the Fairview real estate listings, had countless conversations with your Fairview realtor, and are ready to start narrowing down your choices.  What better place to do that than Granville Island Brewing? After opening in 1984, Granville Island Brewing touts itself as Canada’s first microbrewery.  As you can imagine, it offers a variety of delicious brews as well as a fun and warm atmosphere – the perfect place to discuss investing in Vancouver real estate.

    Shopping for real estate with your Fairview realtor is fun, but it can also be undeniably overwhelming at times.  Here at Team Kerr, we encourage all homebuyers to take their time, soak up the areas and neighborhoods where they are looking at real estate, and let the process happen naturally.  By doing so, you are sure to land in the home of your dreams!

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