How can I sell my house fast in Vancouver?

  • People are flocking to Vancouver like never before, and if you know this city at all it is easy to see why.  With so much to offer, East Vancouver real estate agents are as busy as ever.  If you are on the other side of this equation and trying to get your current home into the East Vancouver real estate listings, now is a great time.  As some of the best East Vancouver realtors, Team Kerr is here to help.  If you are asking yourself, “How can I sell my house fast in Vancouver?” keep reading for a few quick tips to get the process off to a quick start.

    The Importance of First Impressions

    Just like when you are meeting someone new, the first impression of your home can carry a lot of weight for East Vancouver realtors and buyers.  By putting in a little bit of extra effort on your yard (raking leaves, trimming shrubs, getting new mulch, etc.), potential buyers will experience an instant attraction before they even step inside.  Coupled with high quality photos of your home posted online, a good first impression is guaranteed to expedite the sale of your home.  

    Set the Price Right in the East Vancouver Real Estate Listings

    Some East Vancouver real estate agents or independent home sellers will shoot for the moon when listing the price of their home.  However if you set the price too high, buyers will likely blaze right past it without giving it any serious consideration.  If you are truly trying to sell your house fast, then setting a reasonable and not exorbitant price will guarantee to get you the most interest.  

    Focus on Quick Fixes, not Massive Overhauls

    Everyone that buys a new home will move in and change things to make it their own.  It is not your job to anticipate every fix or upgrade that the future owner may want.  Instead, focus on quick fixes and noticeable outdated items.  For instance, instead of remodeling your entire kitchen maybe just replace the vintage wallpaper with a fresh coat of paint.  Little items like this will help showcase the beauty and potential of your home without forcing you to undergo a major project that will postpone the day of sale.  

    Clean and De-clutter to Allow Potential Buyers to Dream

    Finally, to really put your home on display you need to make sure it is cleaned and not cluttered.  You should remove any signs of pets in the house, organize and tidy all surfaces, and do your best to minimalize belongings in the home so that potential buyers can visualize their own things instead. Many East Vancouver realtors will also suggest getting a storage unit to move some of your excess furniture or belongings out of your home to open it up even more.  

    If you find yourself worrying “How will I ever be able to sell my house fast in Vancouver?” don’t fret!  In addition to the above tips, you can trust that Team Kerr and our team of East Vancouver real estate agents is here for you.  Whether you are trying to sell fast or make the most of your sale, reach out today and let’s get started!

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