Colouring the World Better, One Marker at a Time

  • Green has been the new black for a while now, and cheers to Crayola for making it kid-friendly now too. Their new ColorCycle program is ingenious: they’ll take back all old markers from any brand and pay the shipping! Because kids love to colour and that means lots of markers in the landfill. Lots. So, round up all your old, dry markers, then spread the word: tell your friends, your friends’ kids, Facebook and tweet it up, then get your local school (available for K – 12) to sign up for a Crayola ColorCycle account to get the process started! A ColorCycle “Champion” will need to be appointed to collect and organize shipment of the markers—FedEx Ground will pick up the markers, courtesy of Crayola—to the conversion facility, as well as advocate for the program. We kind of love this fun little lesson in advocacy and leadership! So simple. Much less garbage out in the world. It’s a win-win. There’s even creative, standards-based lesson plans available to promote eco-friendly practices and involve the students in recycling initiatives through art and discussion. For a list of eligible Canadian postal codes, check the list here. Did you know Crayola also utilizes a solar farm, recycled ground water, and 100% reforested wood in the creation of their coloured pencils? Colour us happy! (Photo: Robert Judge)

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