Favorite Local Cultural Events from your East Vancouver Realtor

  • East Vancouver is a thriving and eclectic part of town and one that has many potential homebuyers constantly checking the East Vancouver real estate listings.  There are countless reasons why homes in the area have become such a hot commodity.  One such reason is the incredible cultural pride in the area.  East Vancouver boasts an inspiring diversity of people from all backgrounds in addition to a loud and proud art scene.  As your go-to East Vancouver real estate agents, here is a sampling of Team Kerr’s favorite local events that showcase the best of the region’s cultural identity.

    Join the Masses in Celebrating Chinese New Year this January

    The Chinese New Year falls on January 28th in 2017 and, if you are anything like your East Vancouver real estate agents at Team Kerr, your calendars should already be marked!  This celebration in East Vancouver is certainly a spectacle worth your time.  The main event is the Chinese New Year Parade starting in Chinatown, but there will be many other celebrations and activities occurring throughout the day and weekend.  Thousands of people will show up for the event, so proper planning is imperative!  

    A Celebration of Japanese Arts and Culture

    The Powell Street Festival, held in July each year, is Canada’s largest celebration of Japanese culture.  Complete with delicious food, art, music, activities, and performances, this weekend long festival is not one to miss once you secure your home in the area through your East Vancouver realtor.  To see highlights of this year’s festival, plan for 2017, and scan for other related events in the area visit The Powell Street Festival website at: http://www.powellstreetfestival.com/.

    A Fun New Twist on Halloween Recommended by your East Vancouver Realtor

    This is one event you definitely won’t find by browsing the East Vancouver real estate listings. In fact, the actual location of this festival is kept secret until midnight the day before Halloween!  The Parade of Lost Souls is a huge mobile celebration of death and includes musicians, elaborate costumes, fire dancers, and enchanting lights.  The event is organized by the Dusty Flowerpot Cabaret and has a different theme each year.  All are welcome to participate and showcase their inner ghoul! Check out the Dusty Flowerpot website for a recap and highlights of the 2016 celebration. 

    The above events barely scratch the surface of the proud, creative, and diverse community that calls East Vancouver home.  Our East Vancouver real estate agents could wax poetic for hours about the magic and appeal of this area’s neighbourhoods, but why don’t you swing on by and check it out for yourself?  Keep perusing the East Vancouver real estate listings and, when something catches your eye, reach out to the professionals at Team Kerr to help you the rest of the way.  In East Vancouver, it’s always a fun process.  We can almost guarantee that there will be a fun, quirky, and cultural celebration to soak up from the time you find your dream house and begin transforming it into a home.

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