Curb Appeal For The Spring Market in Six Easy Steps

  • In Vancouver’s competitive real estate market, having an edge can make a world of difference to your asking price. Make your home stand out by updating its curb appeal this Spring with these six simple steps.

    How to Add Curb Appeal

    1. Remove the excess. At the bare minimum, rake leaves, de-junk old lawn and patio furniture and give the whole house a good once-over with the power washer for an immediate shine.
    2. Ensure your house numbers are visible! This may seem silly, but if potential home buyers can’t find the address, frustration could cause them to drive right on by. Make sure they’re visible and even well-lit at night.
    3. Light up the entrance! Day or night, your front walk, porch and door should be well-lit to give a welcoming appearance. Something as easy as solar lights placed at intervals along the path leading to your door can be alluring. These can also serve to draw the buyer’s eye to what you really want them looking at: along a path straight at the prize.
    4. Next, make the front door a focal point. This is one of the most high-traffic areas of the home. Ensure it’s clean, put up a fresh coat of paint and update the hardware. A few potted plants add a homey touch to your entrance, as well; group them for added effect.
    5. Patch up the lawn as best you can by reseed or put down fresh sod as early as possible for an even well-manicured look.
    6. Always check your roof, gutters, garage and driveway for damage. If you can’t fix it, call in a professional immediately. Missing roof shingles, cracks in the driveway and burnt out bulbs can all detract from the perceived overall worth of your home.

    Check out our Spring Home Staging Guide to update your interior for a full home makeover and get the most out of your Spring listing. Need professional advice? We’re always available for a free home consultation.

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