What Our Donation Dollars Are Doing for the David Suzuki Foundation

  • Yet another successful Client Appreciation Event for Team Kerr at the Vancouver Theatre Sports League saw good times with cherished clients, and serious money donated to three important charities close to our hearts. $3200 each to 3 great causes, to be exact: Eco Justice, The David Suzuki Foundation and The Senior Animals in Need Today Society. It’s our strong belief that by giving back to the Vancouver communities we live in, we strengthen our neighbourly bonds to make our global community just a little bit smaller, and a little bit stronger.

    So, we have received an update from the David Suzuki Foundation, we wanted to share with you what the donation dollars are helping achieve:

    Sponge Reef Conservation Establishment

    For over a decade, the David Suzuki Foundation in conjunction with numerous other advocacy groups have lobbied for the establishment of a 2,410 km2 marine conservation area between Haida Gwaii and Vancouver Island to protect the vital, rare glass sponge reefs that inhabited there for nearly 9,000 years. This week, the federal government announced the conservation agreement as a success.

    Coalition to End First Nations’ Drinking Water Advisories

    The DSF has led a coalition of organizations that include the Council of Canadians, Amnesty, Human Rights Watch and the Assembly of First Nations to hold the federal government accountable to their promise of ending drinking water advisories in First Nations communities within five years of being elected. Our commitment to monitoring the process is accessible in our Glass Half Empty? progress report on First Nations in Ontario; the Canadian province featuring the highest number of advisories.

    Foundation Re-Focus Program

    In order to better align our processes and success with our goals, we recently underwent a re-focusing of our programs into three goal areas: climate solutions, environmental rights and biodiversity. Thanks to your support, we’ve achieved success already.

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