East Vancouver Organizations That Will Help You Keep your New Year’s Resolutions

  • Keeping your New Year’s Resolutions is often harder than making them in the first place. Goals are good; they focus your energy and give actions a purpose. Sticking to those goals is even better. Here are a few tips and local Vancouver organizations that will hopefully set you on the right path to keeping those all-important resolutions!

    Bank Smarter

    Vancity Credit Union offers financial workshops ranging from basic banking to business plan building in an effort to help its members become money savvy. They also offer member perks like discounts to local businesses and attractions which is great if you’re working off a budget. Find your East Vancouver branch here.

    Be a Homebody

    Check the Vancouver Farmer’s Market website for updates on what’s in season, and plan your meals accordingly. Mapping out the week’s menu can curb pricey, impromptu meals out. If you really want to buckle down, it starts at home. Shopping smart at your local market and cooking at home more often is the surefire way to save money. Some stores can be predictable when their sales will be; keep track and save your biggest shops for essentials when you know they’ll be on. The VFM at Hastings Park also offers a frequent Shopper Card that rewards with food perks.

    No Frills Shopping

    The East Vancouver institution Army & Navy is a wonderland of department store shopping that offers everything from health and wellness products to designer clothes and grocery goods at low prices. Supporting your neighbourhood thrift store, like the BC SPCA Vancouver East Thrift Store, the Mount Pleasant Salvation Army, and Wildlife Thrift Store who in turn support good causes while saving you money on pre-loved goods.

    Action Plan

    Always keep in mind: all those deals are only worthwhile if you were planning on going to a certain restaurant or starting the fitness plan that happened to have a package deal on, to begin with!

    And all that money you save? Perfect for if buying a new house is one of those New Year’s goals. The bigger the down payment, the easier your monthly bills will be to handle so save money where you can, when you can because every little bit helps.

    Happy Savings, and Happy New Year from all of us at Team Kerr!


    Photo: Kenny Louie

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