What to Expect when Moving to Mount Pleasant

  • For the longest time West Vancouver seemed to be the city’s most sought after neighbourhood.   More recently, however, there has been an increasing interest in homes for sale in Mount Pleasant East and other more centralized neighbourhoods of the city.  Young people especially have been drawn to these urban centres for reasons ranging from affordability to accessibility on top of an already growing charm.   Checking the MLS listings in Mount Pleasant East will open your eyes to the wide variety of homes and apartments available in the area.  As you begin to shop for homes for sale, here are some things to expect when moving to Mount Pleasant.

    The Mount Pleasant Resurgence Means New Energy

    The growing community of young professionals has brought in a revitalized energy to downtown Vancouver and Mount Pleasant.  This revitalization and younger population has created a palpable energy in the air.  Mount Pleasant has become a bustling hub where there always seems to be something new and exciting happening.  Shops, cafes, and hangouts with local flavour always seem to be opening up to cater to this increasingly socially active crowd.  After perusing the MLS listings in Mount Pleasant East and making moves on your perfect home you, too, can join in the fun!

    A Near Overwhelming Amount of Delicious Local Restaurants

    After examining the homes for sale in Mount Pleasant East and closing on your downtown dream space, it will be time to celebrate!  You will quickly be in awe, as you realize the sheer amount of appealing restaurants and cafes in your new neighborhood.  As a centralized neighborhood, you can treat yourself to nearly every type of cuisine just a stone’s throw from your front door.  Nearly every Asian fare is represented nearby, as are Mexican, Italian, and a variety of African and American options.  Each place has its own character and, as a new resident, you’ll have plenty of time to try them all!

    Enjoy Plenty of Parks and Green Space when moving to Mount Pleasant

    One thing that separates Mount Pleasant from other urban neighborhoods around the world is the amount of parks and green space open to residents and visitors.  Despite being located downtown, there has been a concerted effort to preserve parks to offer folks a place to recreate and relax in the middle of the city.  From playgrounds to basketball courts, manicured lawns to beautiful gardens, each park in Mount Pleasant boasts a different reason to visit and all provide a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of surrounding Vancouver.

    After browsing the MLS listings in Mount Pleasant East and paying a quick visit to the area, it will come as no surprise that this neighborhood is quickly growing in popularity.  Each house and apartment has its own flare and character, and the surrounding area has virtually everything you would need within a short walk or drive away.  If you are considering a move to Vancouver, we here at Team Kerr would encourage you to check out Mount Pleasant and become part of the resurgence of one of the city’s most happening neighborhoods!



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