Fall Yard Clean-up for a Seller’s Market

  • The last thing you want after pouring all of the TLC into your garden all Spring and Summer long is for it to go to waste over the winter. “Curb appeal” isn’t the only thing prospective buyers are looking at it, but it is key to the overall value of your property if you’re planning to sell this Fall or Winter. Not to mention just because we’re entering rainy season, doesn’t mean your garden can’t look good. The number one thing you’ll want to do is blow out your irrigation system and clean out drains to keep them running smoothly next year. Along those lines, pressure washing your driveway and sidewalk will help prevent mildew and mould forming over the next few soggy months. Cutting back perennials and hedge trimming will keep your garden looking tidy all winter long. We’ve heard that mulching the garden will protect your plants during chillier months, as well as applying a fall lawn fertilizer to give your grass a boost for next Spring. Lastly, if there’s only one thing you do, giving the yard a good once-over with the rake for leaves and pine needles will do wonders if you’ve got limited time or resources. Packaging them up for compost is good for the environment, or have them do double-duty as lawn decorations in orange plastic pumpkin bags for an impromptu Halloween decoration. Got any tips for fall yard clean-up or Gardeners you’ve had a good experience with? Please share with us!

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