Favorite Parks of your East Vancouver Realtors

  • Vancouver is an incredible city, admired on the world stage for a variety of excellent reasons.  Perhaps the most attractive thing about Vancouver is its access to green space, both in the city and into the surrounding British Columbia landscape.  As you look for your perfect house for sale in Vancouver and peruse the East Vancouver real estate listings, keep a close eye out for properties near these three favorite parks.  Our family at Team Nickerson cherishes time outdoors and, as your top East Vancouver realtors, we love to help homebuyers find the perfect fit near some of our favorite places in the city.  

    East Vancouver’s Main Attraction Near Many Vancouver Houses for Sale

    Few would argue the value of having John Hendry (or Trout Lake) Park near your home.  This near 30-hectare park is, without question, a highlight destination of not only East Vancouver but also the entire city as a whole.  While the ample activities and amenities are nice, the lake itself is beautiful and provides the perfect escape for those looking for some semblance of nature in the big city.  Whether you are visiting the area or looking through the East Vancouver real estate listings, John Hendry Park is a must-visit.  


    Vancouver Apartments for Sale near Strathcona Park

    Vancouver houses for sale around Strathcona Park are a hot commodity, and for good reason.  This over 10-hectare park is a jewel of East Vancouver and offers activities and spaces for everybody.  From courts and fields for every sport imaginable to skate parks, off leash dog areas, playgrounds, and community gardens, Strathcona is truly the perfect urban escape for every member of the family.   As you continue to keep an eye on the East Vancouver real estate listings, pay special attention to those near this green getaway.   


    A Small and Beautiful Place to Getaway

    While perhaps not as large or all encompassing as the aforementioned spaces, Clark Park still provides a wonderful escape in East Vancouver.  Complete with a lot of open green space, designated athletic paths, and a peaceful little forest, proximity to this park can add a lot of value to Vancouver apartments for sale.


    There is a lot to consider when purchasing a home but, in a city known for its parks, relative proximity to green spaces should be on your list.  With the help of our professionals at Team Nickerson, your go-to East Vancouver realtors, you will be able to locate the perfect home close to wonderful urban escapes anywhere in East Vancouver or beyond.   

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