For the Love of SAINTS

  • In this case, the Senior Animals In Need Today Society. We know you’ve heard us talk about them before, but this Lower Mainland end of life sanctuary for senior and special needs animals  is so near and dear to our hearts, we just can’t help it—because we want to help them.

    Sponsor a SAINT

    There are so many ways you can help, too. Maybe you can’t adopt an animal right now or have spare hours to volunteer, but one significant way you can make a difference is sponsorship. The average monthly vet bills are a staggering $10,000, not to mention that the general operating costs of the organization are well above that. All of our hard workers are volunteers, and any funds we receive go directly to helping the animals and maintaining the facility. For just $25/month, you can choose an animal from our sponsorship page and all of your contributions will go towards ensuring their medical needs are met and they receive the loving care they so deserve.

    The Animals of SAINTS

    SAINTS is home to numerous dogs and cats, but did you know they’re a sanctuary for birds, bunnies, and barn animals as well? Meet Brad Pitt the pig and Chevy the Jersey Steer, along with the rest of the barn crew of sheep, llamas, horses and goats that call SAINTS home. There’s also numerous feathered friends like Bif, Blueberry, and Crosby looking for sponsorship.

    Keep Up with SAINTS

    Check out their wonderful Volunteer Blog to stay informed of what’s going on, what’s needed, and little anecdotes about the animals being helped at SAINTS. If you have any questions about sponsorship, volunteering, or donations, leave a message on their contact page.


    A recipient of our “Giving Back” program, we like to keep tabs and are so thrilled every time we see a SAINTS animal find their furever home or the organization receives help from the community. This is truly a haven, run by angels who have given selflessly and tirelessly for over ten years. Help us help them give these animals a better life!

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