Fun Things to Do While you Shop for Vancouver Condos for Sale

  • Vancouver has burst onto the world’s stage as one of the most attractive cities to live.  Both young professionals and families are flocking to British Columbia hoping to start a life in this gem of the Pacific Northwest.  With so many condos for sale in Vancouver, you can easily spend days exploring different options.  From Apartments in Vancouver BC to houses and condos, there is something for everybody.  However, it would be a shame to come to town and not spend anytime exploring or having fun in the place you hope to eventually make a permanent home.  Check out the below free options for things to do that are sure to make your trip memorable as you shop for downtown Vancouver condos for sale with Team Kerr.

    Wander the Public Markets on Granville Island

    Granville Island is a bustling island south of downtown Vancouver, across Fase Creek, and just off of Highway 99.  This market-style shopping district is a great place to check out tasty local food and crafts, and the perfect spot to spend an afternoon getting to know the Vancouver lifestyle and culture as you take a break from looking at Vancouver BC apartments.  For more information on what to explore or what events may be happening check out the Granville Island website.

    Explore Vancouver’s Crown Jewel – Stanley Park

    Stanley Park is arguably one of the finest urban parks in the world, and it makes for a very worthwhile stop while you peruse different Vancouver condos for sale.  The park itself is 405-hectares in size and, while you access it from downtown Vancouver, it is almost completely surrounded by Vancouver Harbour and English Bay.  There is no shortage of things to do in the park, and you could easily spend days here while taking breaks from viewing apartments in Vancouver BC.

    Get a Taste for Vancouver Culture at a Free Museum

    A variety of museums in Vancouver are free of charge or have certain days where people can visit for free.  The Observatory is on donation basis, the Vancouver Art Gallery is by donation on Tuesdays, and the Burnaby Village Museum is free to visitors.  These are all great places to visit when you need to take a break from exploring at downtown Vancouver condos for sale.

    Vancouver is full of surprises, but one thing that is not a surprise is how quickly this city is growing in popularity.  People from around the world are coming to visit or explore ways to live here year round and for good reason.  As you begin your search for Vancouver condos for sale with Team Kerr, don’t forget to take a little time to explore the city and start to dive into the place you could soon be calling home.  

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