Help Vancouver Save The Rio Theatre!

  • Rio Theatre

    East Vancouver Might Lose The Rio!

    Recent zoning changes on Commercial Drive is endangering The Rio Theatre, one of Vancouver’s prized one-screen theatres that hosts films, music, and live performances. Developers want to tear down the historic theatre, built in 1938, and the owner, Corinne Lea, has started an online fundraiser to raise money to save The Rio Theatre.

    They want to raise $1 million from the community by their deadline of April 16th. Saving the building will cost $3 million for a down payment, but they plan to raise the other $2 million through private investors.

    Team Kerr Invests in Our Communities: Help Save The Rio Theatre!

    Team Kerr is proud of our work in developing and strengthening communities. We have pledged our support as we would love to keep this gem in Vancouver, keeping culture, art, and music alive in East Van.

    To learn more about their fundraiser and make a donation, please click here. But hurry –you only have until April 16th!

    Watch the Rio’s fundraising video:


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