Home Buying Tips: Best Advice to Buy in East Van

  • Throughout the home buying process, all types of people will offer you their best advice to buy in East Van.  Certainly, there is no shortage of tricks of the trade, insider secrets, or tips from people who have gone through the process before. At Team Kerr, our team of REALTORS® will be able to help you navigate these waters, but, going into the process, we feel there are a few things all potential homebuyers should keep in mind.  Read on to discover three that we find particularly important.

    Keep your Money Still as you Approach Getting a Loan

    If you need to take out a loan or start a mortgage before buying a new home, some of the best advice to buy in East Van is to avoid moving your money around or making any big purchases in the months leading up to your home buying adventure.  Vancouver is a competitive market, and you want to do all you can to make yourself a competitive buyer. The last thing you want is to stall your home buying process because a lender is questioning your credit or reliability due to frivolous spending or moving money between accounts or credit cards.

    Don’t get Too Caught up with the Market

    Every homebuyer would love to hit the market just right, but the fact is, trying to anticipate this is virtually impossible.  The market itself is constantly moving up and down, and you will risk missing out on your dream home if you become hyper focused on market trends.  Instead, work with your REALTOR® to get everything in order so you are ready to make moves on your dream home when the time is right for you – not necessarily for the market.

    Ultimate Best Advice to Buy in East Van: Plan for Sleeper Costs

    It is not uncommon for potential homebuyers get blinded by asking prices, neglecting to research and account for “sleeper costs.”  Things like property taxes, home association fees, utilities, repairs and replacements can add up, and if you are too focused on the asking price or mortgage payment you can forget to budget for the additional costs.  If you do not budget for these sorts of things, you may experience major headaches and strife down the line. If you do properly budget for these costs, you will have a better understanding of your true home buying budget.

    There are many tricks and tips to make the home buying process easier, and here at Team Kerr we are privy to many of them.  While the above three are a good start, be sure to keep up this conversation with your Team Kerr realtor as your home buying process moves along.  We’re here for you, and aim to help facilitate the easiest and most enjoyable home buying process possible.

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