Investing In Fort St. John

  • British Columbia is a precious gift to each one of us. Such diverse, exquisite landscapes; from lakes, rivers and an enormous giving ocean, to the smallest Gulf island and the highest mountain peak. We enjoy our bright neon cities full of excitement but we also love our rustic, small towns where sometimes doing it all simply means looking up at the stars above. But in some small towns in BC, there is an electric buzz in the air and you can just feel things being put in motion. Fort St. John is one those towns and that is why Team Kerr has decided to invest in Fort St. John: in British Columbia’s bright spot. A town of 20,000 hard working folks, the population is set to double in the next six years due to expansion of the liquid natural gas industry, amongst other things. The same goes for its neighbour Dawson Creek. We thought long and hard about whether or not we would want to work in this kind of marketplace, but decided that it was too good of an opportunity to ignore. We also had an in-depth conversation with our partners at Ecojustice, a non-profit that uses the law to protect and restore the environment. We decided that communities such as Fort St. John that are experiencing an energy boom can benefit from the presence of investors, developers and residents who will participate in the conversation around sustainability, both environmental and financial. And hey, that’s us! So we are educating our clients on the basics of real estate investing, and helping place them with rental properties that will sustainably look after them and their families for years to come. Housing is already at a premium in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek, and the potential economic growth will ensure our investors financial stability, while providing much needed housing to a region experiencing off-the-charts growth. It’s win-win for everyone!

    So the stars are indeed aligned in Fort St. John and Dawson Creek — growing, vibrant communities and economies, a strong infrastructure that’s constantly improving, and long-term wealth building opportunities with sustainability in the foreground. Call us for more information, or join us on our next fact-finding field trip to the region.

    One of our clients, Shawn Hossein of Universal Printing, joined us on one of our investment field trips to Fort St. John to look at the town and the properties. In our next blog post, we’ll interview Shawn about his experience so stay tuned!


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