What To Look For When You Get Relocated To Vancouver

  • You have chosen to relocate to one of the most vibrant, diverse, and interesting cities in North America. Vancouver has everything from mountain hikes to seal tours from Chinatown noodles to world-class sushi restaurants.

    Obviously, it can be a little overwhelming to relocate to a new city. And just the size of cities can seem overwhelming when you first arrive. Here is some advice for what to look for when you relocate to Vancouver.

    Know Yourself

    Sometimes, especially after relocation, people can forget the activities and hobbies that made them so happy in the cities in towns they lived in before moving to Vancouver. A good place to start connecting in Vancouver is to start with the activities that you already know you will love.

    Do you love Sports? If your sport is Football, the BC Lions have won multiple Grey Cups and Vancouver as a city has hosted 14 Grey Cup Championships. If your sport is Hockey, the Vancouver Canucks take the ice every season for home games at Rogers Arena.

    More of a nature person? The Grouse Mountain grind path is one of the most fun and challenging ways to become king of the mountain that you will ever encounter. You can also visit Kits beach, Stanley Park, or take a tour of the many interesting facets of Vancouver’s sea-shore.

    More of a Gourmand? From Farmer’s Apprentice Restaurant to the Pear Tree, Vancouver has many amazing and delicious restaurants for its residents and visitors to experience. Vancouver is also known for having one of the best culinary Chinatown areas in North America as well as for having incredible sushi.

    Learn Vancouver One Neighborhood At A Time

    Vancouver, like most large cities, is made up of communities that make up cities within cities.

    Maybe at first you will enjoy getting to know Granville Island and its many shops and picnic areas or checking out the many bars and music venues in Gastown and in Yaletown. If you want to experience the core of Vancouver’s fashion try Robson Street and then dance the night away at one of Vancouver’s many famous clubs.

    Let yourself conquer one neighborhood at a time until your experiences change the city  from stranger to old friend.

    Don’t Forget The Little Details

    Nobody likes to spend time at the Department of Motor Vehicles or learning the local ordinances or the expectations of living in your new neighborhood. But, the sooner you find out the differences between your prior and current requirements, the faster you will be able to start relaxing and enjoying Vancouver.

    So what should you look for when you get relocated to Vancouver? I would suggest that the answer is “fun.” The best thing about Vancouver is that it offers a lifetime of experiences. Enjoy!.

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