What Makes Fairview Such An Amazing Place To Live

  • It has also been said that all roads to Vancouver pass through Fairview and it is true that most major downtown roads do run through the Fairview neighborhood. Fairview is a central and important neighborhood located near the Downtown area of Vancouver BC.

    But, how should you answer the question of what makes a neighborhood amazing?

    The obvious answer to why any neighborhood is amazing starts with its people and Fairview is an amazing Canadian neighborhood with no shortage of diverse and wonderful people.

    The name of the neighborhood actually refers to the views of the city from the neighborhood and simply means “beautiful view.” And “beautiful view” is not just some marketing strategy, the views, (for instance the views from Charleson Park at night) all over Fairview are indeed stunning.

    The History And Details From The Perspective of Fairview Realtors

    Like much of Vancouver, what is now called Fairview first started as rainforest, but, as the forest evolved into a home for humans and the city of Vancouver started to emerge Fairview became a place for Downtown power brokers to live. Over the subsequent years, the neighborhood has gradually evolved into a cultural center and an area that is seen as home to the many medical personnel who work in the many hospitals and research facilities in the immediate area (Fairview is the home of Vancouver General Hospital and many other medical facilities).

    Many people who are not from Vancouver sometimes refer to Fairview as “South Granville” but downtown Vancouver realtors will tell you that the “South Granville” name refers to a specific shopping district in Fairview more than it does to the Fairview area in total. However, the South Granville shopping district remains one of the most popular and beloved parts of Fairview.

    Fairview technically encompasses the False Creek, Burrard Slopes, Fairview Slopes, and Fairview heights neighborhoods as well as  the Granville Island area (one of the top areas for nightlife and tourism in Vancouver). When visiting Granville Island you can enjoy buskers, the many shops, visit the famous glass studios, or the famous Emily Carr School of Art and Design.

    Several of the most renowned and beloved restaurants in all of the greater Vancouver area are located in Fairview. Four-time Vancouver Magazine restaurant of the year West and the world famous Indian restaurant Vij’s both call Fairview home. You can find everything from great Malaysian food (Banana Leaf) to great BBQ (Memphis Blues) in Fairview

    Fairview is also home to widespread bike-friendly streets but also to several unique “bike-only” designated streets (where cars are not welcome).

    Fairview and Downtown Vancouver Realtors

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