Meet Your Personal Champion: Doug Gibson

  • Doug Gibson has called Vancouver home since his university days at UBC. He fell in love with the West coast lifestyle, and hasn’t looked back. Besides enjoying numerous outdoor activities with his wife during down time from work, Doug is active in the community with The Vancouver Sun’s Raise a Reader scheme that supports meal programs in East Van schools.

    His aim to empower clients in their real estate endeavours has lead to a reputation for being a stress reducer during transactions. Doug believes in pressure and personal motive-free real estate, winning the hearts of his clients in the process with his honesty and integrity.

    What do you like best about life in Vancouver?

    Working in a busy industry, I believe it’s important to strike a work-life balance. I love the abundant and easy-access outdoor recreational activities right on our doorstep. My wife and I love jumping in our kayaks at Jericho or hitting Cypress for a snowshoe up to Hollyburn. We also have so many wonderful urban green spaces to enjoy that give me an opportunity to decompress while walking the dogs, or enjoying the sunset at the beach. Great restaurants, craft beer, the international music scene and funky record stores round out my fondness for Vancouver!

    Do you remember your first sale in real estate?

    Yes! It was for both the buyer and a listing. Both went smoothly and really helped me gain a lot of confidence in myself and my abilities.

    What impressed you most about Team Kerr?

    Their communication, organization, and ease of which to work with. Every single team member has a positive and energetic, yet professional attitude.

    Did you always want to go into real estate?

    No, I had an adventurous time in my 20s that included university, a few seasons in Whistler, world travels, tree planting in BC and Alberta, before settling down in a career in real estate.

    Do you have any advice for new homeowners or common pitfalls you see with homeowners who are making their first purchase?

    Not pulling the trigger. I often see first time purchasers scared to move forward, especially in a market where prices are rising. However, if you look at prices in Vancouver they have been on an upward trend for 15 years. My advice is to not overthink the process and when you find a place you like, that you can afford, do your due diligence! Have an inspection, read all strata documents, no buried oil tank… If everything checks out, GO FOR IT! We are here to help you avoid the pitfalls and find a sound home that is also an investment in your future

    Great advice from someone with ten years’ experience under their belts. Want to know more about Doug and the rest of Team Kerr? You can read about us, or contact us any time for a consultation!

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