Meet Team Player Shannon McNulty

  • Shannon McNulty approaches real estate from the investment perspective; whether it’s for residential homes in the lower mainland or investment properties in northern BC, Shannon is passionate about helping her clients’ invest in real estate for their financial future. As an active volunteer, she believes that investing in communities will make for a brighter future. Since 2010 Shannon has been involved in the sales and marketing of over 1 billion dollars of real estate in Western Canada. Her knowledge and first-hand experience with investing in the real estate market are the key tools she uses to coach her clients’ through their home purchase or sale, as well as to educate aspiring investors with their real estate goals. Beyond building community ties through real estate, Shannon volunteers for organizations such as the ARTS Umbrella, BC SPCA, The Right to Play, and The Women in Leadership Foundation. Get to know a little more about this community-minded wonder woman below.

    1. What is your philosophy on selling real estate?

      Real Estate is one of the best investment vehicles for building a strong portfolio of cash flowing assets. I take a very analytical approach to the sale of real estate; I like to look at various economic fundamentals that are driving the economy, including population growth, GDP and overseas investment. I seek out properties that provide great opportunities for future resale gain, such as in areas that are being gentrified or are in close proximity to major transit lines. Transit is really driving price growth within the Lower Mainland. We’re seeing areas close to major routes command a rental premium and are receiving more significant investment from the City’s prominent developers. That’s where I would direct potential home buyers to invest from a re-sale standing.

    2. What do you like best about life in Vancouver?

      Vancouver is the Disneyland of North America! The mountains and water provide an amazing backdrop for a great way of life on the West Coast. Beyond its natural beauty, I love the relaxed, casual vibe of life in the City. Where else can I work a full day and then ski at night or hit the beach? I love that the people of Vancouver constantly seek that work-life balance. As far as I’m concerned, it’s one of the greatest places in the world to live.

    3. What impressed you most about Team Kerr?

      I love working within a team, and the dynamic among all of our members is amazing. They all have a great amount of respect for one another and everyone offers an area of expertise that adds great value to the service we offer. Additionally, we are avid investors in the Lower Mainland real estate market and recognize the importance of providing great advice to our clients that is founded in our own real estate successes and experiences. I think it’s what makes us unique.

    4. Did you always want to go into real estate?

      If you speak to anyone who knows me, they aren’t in any way surprised that I work in real estate. I love a great negotiation and I’m constantly fascinated with how clients have changed their lives through solid real estate investment decisions. The business has always been of interest to me and I really can’t envision myself not being involved in real estate in some capacity. I really love what I do.

    5. Do you remember your first sale?

      My first sale was a two million dollar home in Belcarra, BC. At the time, I didn’t even know the area existed. Needless to say it was a very long drive from the City, but a lovely home and a quick sale. I’m super grateful to my clients for trusting me, a newbie at the time, with the opportunity to list their home!

    6. Do you have any advice for new homeowners?

      It’s vitally important for potential homeowners to do their due diligence. There are many buildings out there that are in dire need of work and repair and it’s important to ensure that you’ve reviewed all the necessary documentation and reports associated with the building before making a purchase decision so you know what you’re getting into and how much it’s going to cost you. Just because a unit has been nicely renovated doesn’t mean it’s a great investment!

      Solid advice from someone in the know. Want to know more about Shannon and the rest of Team Team? You can read about us, or contact us any time for a consultation!

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