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    From charity fundraisers to scouring the Lower Mainland to find your future dream home, Chandra Levac was born to help others. She is passionate about animals, she volunteers at WAG and works closely with SAINTS. After 16 years travelling the world with WestJet as a flight attendant, Chandra realized she still wanted to connect one-on-one with people, but re-evaluated in what capacity that would be. We’re happy she decided it was in the flourishing Vancouver real estate market, with us at Team Kerr.

    What is your philosophy on selling real estate?

    It aligns with something Matt Kerr taught me: “Put good people in good homes.” He was actually my real estate agent and I was really inspired working with him. Matt’s  so client-centric. I’ve worked in the customer service industry for a long time, putting people first. That’s what I’ll be taking forward in my real estate career.

    What do you like best about life in Vancouver?

    We have access to some of the best food on the planet. Plus the beautiful mountains and the ocean are unbeatable. I love biking, hiking, barbecuing on the beach with our friends in the summer, and watching the sunsets. I also enjoy boating along the inlets.

    What impressed you most about Team Kerr?

    The fact that they’re a really supportive team that always puts people first. I love the follow-up with clients, the yearly parties that Team Kerr puts on as a thank you, and the charitable work that we’re involved with.

    Did you always want to go into real estate?

    I didn’t actually know that that was a hidden passion for myself! I always followed real estate and really, really loved it. However, it wasn’t until my husband said to me a few a years ago, “Why don’t you get into real estate? It’s all you ever talk about,” that I decided to really go for it.

    Do you remember your first real estate purchase?

    My first purchase was in Calgary, and my real estate agent was John Scott from the Property Brothers. I worked with John at WestJet – we were both flight attendants. He went into real estate and he was my first realtor for my first purchase. It’s something I’ll never forget, and it was something WestJet really valued – strong customer service. That’s one thing he was really focused on and that’s something I want to bring to my clients.

    Do you have any advice for new homeowners?

    In this market, just stay positive and know that there’s something out there for everyone – and we’re here to help you find it!


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