Things to Consider before Moving to Vancouver and Buying a Condo

  • Many people moving to Vancouver have their eyes set on Vancouver luxury condos for sale and for good reason.  While buying a house has its own set of advantages, Vancouver luxury condos for sale are often the perfect fit for many young folks or international people moving to Vancouver.  If you are wondering if a condo is right for you, give us a call at Team Kerr.  Similarly, if you are moving to the city from a foreign country, and have questions about the Vancouver real estate foreign house buyers tax or other logistical concerns, Team Kerr is here for you.  Keep reading for some basic advice on what to consider when shopping for Vancouver luxury condos for sale.  

    Buying a Condo Means you will be joining a Community

    While this may seem like common knowledge, people oftentimes forget that by buying a condo they are also joining a larger community.  For the right person, this is a great fit.  Condo complexes offer close neighbors, lower maintenance, and shared responsibility for some repairs.  On the flip side, condo owners are also often subject to association rules such as quiet hours or pet regulations.  These are all important things to research and consider before committing to the purchase of a new condo.  

    Consider the cost of Condos

    On the surface, condos often provide a much more affordable option than comparable single-family homes.  That said, condos also often include additional fees.  If you join a condo community you will likely need to pay association fees that help cover security costs and shared property maintenance.  Before you get too excited about your new condo, make sure you have accounted for these additional fees in addition to your monthly mortgage.  

    The Convenience of Condos

    Perhaps one of the biggest selling points for those shopping for Vancouver luxury condos for sale is their overall convenience.  In short, condo owners get to enjoy most of the perks of home ownership without having to worry about many of the headaches of home maintenance.  Most condo associations have a dedicated or contracted maintenance crew to take care of any issues you may be having in your unit.  To many condo owners, this is well worth the sacrifice of not owning a traditional house.  

    There is a lot to consider as you plan your move to Vancouver and begin your home search.  For the right person, condos in Vancouver are a great option for the first time homeowner or those looking to downsize, and Team Kerr is here for you.  Whether you have questions about condo ownership or Vancouver real estate foreign house buyers tax trust our experts to make your move to British Columbia as smooth as possible.  

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