Moving to Vancouver? Here are a few ways to secure the best Vancouver Real Estate Agent

  • More and more people are moving to Vancouver – which continuously is ranked one of the best cities to live around the world. Looking to buy in Vancouver and sorting through all the Vancouver property listings can be a little daunting at time. Should one consider a downtown Vancouver condo, or an East Vancouver townhouse – or perhaps one of the homes on the market all across the city. There are many decisions to be made as your search for your dream home.

    At Team Kerr, we understand better than anyone the value of having a professional and experienced Vancouver real estate agent in your corner. As you begin to scan between the Vancouver West real estate listings and Vancouver East real estate listings, you should also put time into finding the right agent for you.  Here are a few things to consider when looking for your ideal real estate agent.

    The Value of Experience

    It should go without saying that experience in the local market goes a long way when it comes to selecting the best real estate agent to help you buy your home. Ideally, you will partner with someone who can help you navigate the difference between Vancouver West real estate listings and Vancouver East real estate listings – and everything in between, to make sure you find the right home, in the right community for you. Additionally, you should seek out full time agents and not those practicing real estate on the side, part time.

    Our agents at Team Kerr have over 54 years of combined real estate experience and are dedicated full-time to helping you find the right home.

    Make Sure your Vancouver Real Estate Agent knows the Area

    While it can seem like a good idea to use your aunt’s friend’s cousin’s real estate agent from Abbotsford to help you find your Vancouver property, choosing a real estate agent who knows Vancouver and the Vancouver property listings may save you time and money down the road.

    At Team Kerr, we have over 20 years’ experience in the Vancouver market. We have collected a solid database of building information to help you navigate the “leaky condo crisis” that has plagued Vancouver since the 90’s. Additionally, our agents are neighbourhood experts and can help match your real estate goals and lifestyle with the neighbourhood that’s right for you.

    Track Down Reviews Online and from Past Clients

    Even with all of the experience and knowledge in the world, a real estate agent will not prove successful unless their past clients can vouch for them.  Online reviews can be very helpful in this regard, but if you can seek out past clients personally then you will uncover even more valuable information about their buying or selling experience.  There are countless things to examine before choosing the right Vancouver real estate agent for you, and the aforementioned suggestions are just a start.  

    Team Kerr is one of the RE/MAX Top 25 Real Estate Groups in Western Canada. We have built a reputation for being one of the city’s premiere group of real estate professionals, with over twenty years of experience, a wealth of local knowledge, and the customer reviews to support it all.

    If you are considering moving to Vancouver, let us help you do the legwork by pairing you with one of the city’s best real estate professionals. We have dedicated Buyer Specialists that can help you find the right home for you. Call us today!

    “We recently had the wonderful opportunity to work with Chandra. We went into the process knowing little to nothing about buying a home, which can be incredibly tough in a market like Vancouver but Chandra made it easy for us every step of the way. I love her approach to not only helping educate you as the buyer about the details of buying a home but really tapping into what you are looking for, to help you find that perfect home. Each part of the process was so customized to what we desired in our next place and I couldn’t be happier with what we ended up with! I never felt forced or pushed into any decisions or processes as I did with some other realtors, which was a huge thing to my wife and I as we wanted to be super sure for our first home purchase. Also I cannot say enough how positive Chandra is throughout the entire process through thick and thin. It makes buying a home so much more enjoyable.”

    –Clinton C.

    Shannon is not an ordinary realtor who just shows places, negotiates prices, and signs contracts. Shannon listens. She takes time to learn about our needs and interests. She also helps us to find the best investment opportunities. Shannon smiles. She becomes a family member who we can trust and rely on when we invest in Greater Vancouver. Her professional expertise, sincere advice, and great patience turned a tension purchase to a pleasant collaboration. Shannon cares. She follows up and responds to our phone calls after purchase. Shannon understands. She knows real estate is the biggest investment we make and she does her best to save as much as she can help us, from bargaining to introducing mortgage dealers and contractors best from the market. Shannon communicates. She is capable to talk to anyone from any culture and win respect and trust from them.

    I won’t hesitate to recommend Shannon to anyone who plans to invest in real estate.”

    –Z. L.

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