New Kid on the “Giving Back” Block: SAINTS

  • Our goal has always been simple: offer unrivaled service, and give back where we live. As part of our “Giving Back” program through which 10% of our net revenues are donated to community organizations, we’ve helped touch the lives beyond the houses on the block. This time, we’ve turned our attention to the four-legged set at the Senior Animals In Need Today Society. Check out our little behind-the-scenes montage of furry cuties this deserving organization supports. SAINTS is more than a shelter for animals that have no where else to go.  This end-of-life sanctuary provides proper medical care for all of its residents–from cats and dogs to goats and pigs–and constant love for these animals that are at the end of the line. Since opening in 2004, SAINTS has cared for over 600 animals, promising each and every one they will never be alone again. It takes a special kind of person, a lot of hard work, and many selfless hours to run such a place. It’s why we couldn’t pass on the opportunity to be part of it. We’re grateful to all the shelter workers around BC who work tirelessly for our province’s at-risk animals, but the difference at SAINTS is the tenacity to focus on the senior and special needs animals who have even less of a chance at finding a new home. Think you’re the kind of committed family that be the furever home to one of these in-need and at-risk animals? Look into adopting here. Or, you can donate, too, with monetary gifts, your precious time through volunteer hours, or supplies.

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