Why new Residents Should Join a Recreational Sports League in Vancouver

  • Why new Residents Should Join a Recreational Sports League in Vancouver

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    Moving to a new city, or even new neighbourhood, can be a scary and intimidating process, and no one knows this better than your East Van real estate agent’s at Team Kerr.  Of course, while you are exploring East Van real estate and working with your East Van real estate agent, we will do everything in our power to make you feel right at home.  We strive to make the home buying process warm and welcoming, and our team of agents is also full of invaluable local knowledge to help you settle into your new community.  It is completely natural to be a little bit anxious about meeting people in a new city and, for those of you that are a little nervous, there are many ways to combat this.  At Team Kerr, we like to suggest that anyone new to the area should consider joining a recreational sports league.  Here’s why!

    Organized Recreation is a Great way to Meet People

    Let’s start by addressing the primary concern.  For those anxious about meeting people in Vancouver, organized recreation is a great way to do so.  By signing up as an individual to play in a league of your choosing, you are guaranteed to get to know both your teammates and opponents and will likely create relationships that will extend far past the competitive playing field.  Many recreational league sports in Vancouver meet multiple times each week when they are in season, creating the perfect outlet for you to meet like-minded people in your new hometown.

    Adult Sports Leagues are a Great way to Stay Active

    As you finish up your East Van real estate search and close with your East Van real estate agent, the process of actually moving into your new home will begin.  It is easy to get bogged down with all of the little details such as small remodels, painting, moving furniture, decorating, etc. which can lead to letting important elements of self care slip to the wayside.  With organized sports leagues, you will build at least a couple of nights a week into your schedule for fun and exercise. No matter your athletic interests, there is a league for you. From classic sports like basketball, soccer, and volleyball to fringe offerings such as curling, dodge ball, or floor hockey there are plenty of opportunities to get out and play.  Further, being on a team will prove a greater motivation to exercise than trying to hold yourself accountable. Even more important, research has shown that regular exercise is a key to happiness. If you find yourself sweating the details of the moving process, recreational sports are a great way to reset for a day or evening and get those endorphins firing!

    Your East Van real estate agent will be no stranger to the stress that can accompany the home buying process.  As such, we put in an added effort to take care of our clients and help make any and all transactions run as smoothly as possible.  Once your East Van real estate search has come to an end, Team Kerr is still here for you with suggestions on how to best settle into your new home and city.  While we are full of ideas, organized recreational sports around town have proven a great way to meet people, get exercise, and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle in your new city.

    Check out the community centers near your new home for specifics or the organization Urban Rec in Vancouver for more specifics!


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