New Year, New Tradition: Game Night

  • Maybe it’s the carry-over from Christmas, but there’s something about those long January nights that just beg for sticking close to home with those we love. Put that together with the fresh start of a new year, and it’s the perfect setting for a new tradition: Family Game Night. Leave the video games and iPads aside, break out the popcorn, and add these tried-and-true board games to your pile.

    1. Kick off the night with Telestrations. This simple mash-up of Pictionary and “Telephone” has big fun written all over it. Players draw an illustration from a written word, then pass it on for the next person to write their best guess about what the drawing was, and so on. The Big Reveal is how ‘this’ turned into ‘that’ and watch the hilarity ensue. Good for 4 – 8 players.
    2. The property building and trading board game Monopoly still holds court in our hearts as one of the all-time classics. With different city editions and licensed versions featuring popular movies such as Star Wars and Frozen in addition to the traditional set, there’s a Monopoly for everyone. Works for 2 – 6 players.
    3. Get the littles interested in gaming eary with the Paw Patrol Adventure Board Game. Based on the hit Nickelodeon cartoon, 2 – 6 players use the spinner to determine how far they’ll go, then race each other along the path collecting Badge Tiles that enable them to take shortcuts. First pup to the finish line wins. Simple, colourful, and combines something they love with time with you.
    4. Got an older brood? Appeal to their pop culture side with Dead of Winter. An intensive game of survival where players have a common objective while working towards a secret, personal goal specific to their character, all the while fighting off Zombie attacks. Story-driven, Dead of Winter is an interesting psychological experiment, not to mention a fun way to while away a couple of hours with 2 – 5 of your nearest and dearest in a hypothetical world ruled by the undead.
    5. Think Monopoly on a global level, and you’ve got Catan. Want to be Seafarers, Knights, Barbarians or Pirates? The possibilities are practically endless when you add these expansion packs to the base game where your objective is to trade resources and build up civilization in a race to settle the uncharted island of Catan. “Catan Junior” and “Kids of Catan” versions available as well.

      Game night already a regular occurrence at your house? Share your must-play games with us! Photo by: Vizzzual dot com  

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