Preparing Your Outdoor Space for Summer Zen

  • The weather’s getting warmer, and that means more time spent outdoors. Making your patio, balcony, or garden summer-ready goes beyond weed pulling and a trip to the greenhouse. We’ve rounded up the top five ways to prep your outdoor space to ensure it’s beautiful, organized, and ready for summer living all season long.

    DIY Cleaning

    Chances are, everything could use a good cleaning as a result of winter wear. Mildew, rust, and other weather-related aggressors mean your deck, concrete or flagstone patio, even the barbeque as well as umbrellas and other outdoor fabrics need a little TLC. Ensure you have the proper products as different materials require different care to retain their durability and weather-proof finishes. Check out this

    Martha Stewart post for DIY cleaning solutions, as well as additional tips for freshening your outdoor furniture.

    Kid-proof the yard or patio

    With tool kit in hand, ensure all nails are hammered in, edges covered if you have small kidlets, and outdoor fire pits are zoned off. Have any outdoor play equipment? Make sure all screws are still tight and and any plastic pieces haven’t cracked.

    Arm yourself with pest deterrents

    From bug spray for the body to ant traps, citronella candles and fly swatters, having what you need on hand will ensure a more pleasant atmosphere and keep you from running for the indoors.

    Lighten and brighten!

    Less is more in summer, and a little accessorizing goes a long way. Throw cushions in weather-friendly finishes and summery colours, hurricane lanterns, and fresh cut flowers transform a space from drab to breezy. Patio storage solutions (perfect for storing cushions at night and to keep your bug spray and sunscreen on hand) come in all kinds of shapes and finishes and can double as seating if you’re low on space.


    Just like your closet, summarizing the shed and grill area will make life a lot easier. Move the shovels and skis to the back to make room for the lawnmower and garden tools up front. You’ll thank yourself later when you don’t have to rummage through last season’s remnants!



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    Image credit Stephanie Krist

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