Your Spring 2018 Home Staging Guide

  • Planning to list your home for sale this spring? Vancouver’s competitive real estate market means you need to be on your A-game. Staging a home goes beyond the cursory clean to ensuring your home’s potential buyers can walk through and picture themselves living there — comfortably. So everything starting from the walk up to the porch, or even your apartment’s entryway, needs to scream clean and inviting.

    Here’re the top five ways to whip your property into shape before it goes on the market.

    Good Home Staging Starts With Spring Cleaning

    Scrub until it sparkles! That includes the winter-worn floors, between the couch cushions, walls, and especially the windows which you’ll want to keep open and let that light in.

    Part of a solid spring cleaning is decluttering. Try to avoid overfilling drawers and simply stuffing junk into closets. Box up that winter wardrobe and your closet will already seem bigger! Potential buyers tend to open all doors, and you’ll want everything to be as organized as possible to show off the home’s storage potential.

    Tip: Pull back window coverings before a showing for instant warmth. If it’s a rainy day, turn on as many lights as possible.

    Home Staging Includes Good Scents

    Bring the springy outdoors in with diffusers, candles, and cut flowers. Fresh scents evoke clean feelings and can affect the mood of potential buyers walking through the home. Aim for scents like cotton, the beach, or aromatherapy.

    Brighten Up Decor To Stage For Success

    Start in the entryway with a clean, new mat free of winter’s remnants. An organized, welcome entryway will set the stage for the rest of the walk-through! Then, think crisp linens and light fabrics in bright colours, patterns, and floral accents throughout.

    Tip: Plenty of accent pillows give that homey sense of warmth and comfort.

    Stage Your Exterior

    If you live in a detached property, do a round of your exterior to check for any signs of winter damage — including the roof. Clean out the gutters, clear away dead leaves and trim the shrubbery. Take a pressure washer to the walkway and driveway and if you’re going to plant flowers, make sure you work within a colour scheme that compliments the house.

    Choose a Professional Real Estate Agent To Handle The Details

    Prepping to sell your home includes choosing a real estate agent that you feel comfortable with and knows your neighbourhood as well as the market at large. They will handle the details during the selling process, such as helping you to choose the correct time to list your home and at the right price.


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