Staging Your Vancouver Home To Sell

  • Why stage your home? In Vancouver’s hot real estate market, an edge helps. In this case, top realtors and professional stagers have seen the results of this strategic marketing tool. Showing your home in its best possible light while downplaying weaknesses can lead to quicker sales, over-asking price offers, and fewer buyers asking for concessions. The power of home staging is broken down to a few simple, yet key factors:

    Appeal to the Masses

    The power of home staging is that it will often appeal to the greatest amount of people. You may love your family photos and off-beat style, but a buyer wants to imagine themselves living in your home. To do that, a well-maintained, neutral state is the best canvas to elicit those favourable emotions from buyers resulting in a faster sell.

    First Impressions

    You don’t get a second chance at these, so putting in a little effort pre-photos and walk-throughs will have you reaping the rewards; often in a much faster sale than if you hadn’t de-cluttered and done a little decorating. These quick fixes are like a makeover, allowing potential buyers to see the strengths of your home before all else.

    Down and Dirty Digits

    Home staging might have you tightening those purse strings, or thinking it’s too much work. But think about it long term: do you want to deal with price reductions? You’ll also have to declutter and clean before you move, anyway. Why not now, when it could help in the sale of your home, and probably for a higher price?

    Decorating vs. Staging

    You’ve loved living in your home, you decorated it the way that suits your family; that’s interior design at its best. Staging is for selling. It can be a very emotional time, and re-dressing your home for strangers unsettling. Consider calling in the experts, or even scour online for tips like these awesome ones from HGTV Canada.


    The bottom line is staging works, even on the most basic scale. A little time and effort can go a long way in getting you the sale you want, and free to purchase your dream home.

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