Team Kerr Charity Pick: Ecojustice

  • Here at Team Kerr we are committed to supporting environmental justice and working towards a more sustainable future. That’s why we have cultivated a strong partnership with one of our favourite charities, Ecojustice. They are Canada’s largest environmental law charity and have fought to conserve many local species in B.C. Matt Kerr sat down with Devon Page, is the Executive Director of Ecojustice, to find out what the charity has in store for 2018.

    Devon Page has been  Executive Director since 2008,  focusing on litigation around key environmental and legal priorities, and expanding Ecojustice’s operations across Canada. In 2018, the charity will be focusing on protecting wild salmon on the coast, conserving wild caribou herds, and banning chemicals that are harmful to bees populations.

    Ecojustice has teamed up with scientist Alexandra Morton, to protect wild salmon in British Columbia from a heart-damaging disease called Piscine Reovirus (PRV). Currently, licences are issued that allow farmed salmon to be transferred into net pens in the ocean without being tested for PRV, a disease that weakens salmon and is harmful to wild populations. So Ecojustice is taking the Ministry of Fisheries and Oceans to court to fight for testing for PRV to protect wild salmon on the coast.

    In addition, caribou populations are plummeting due to of oil and gas activity in Northern Canada.  Industrial development and habitat destruction are serious threats to the survival of herds, with seven out of 12 Alberta herds in decline. Ecojustice is urging the Environment Minister to support the Species at Risk Act, which can extend protections to at-risk species on provincial lands by making a safety net order.

    Another key environmental fight is against Neonicotinoids, or neonics, which are the most-widely used class of insecticide worldwide. In Canada, they are are marketed as a way to protect crops from harmful insects – however, and may have played a role in mass bee die-offs. So Ecojustice is focused on banning these chemicals from being used in Canada.

    At Team Kerr, believe it is our duty to help support charities like Ecojustice and get behind causes that we are particularly passionate about. For more information on the charities that Team Kerr supports and how to donate, visit our website.



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