The Proper Agent: Why Use Real Estate Agents Anyway?

  • If you are selling your house, it is a good idea to hire a real estate agent. Doing so can significantly help with the stress of selling your home. They have insider tricks and knowledge regarding the proper methods of selling homes, and they can also ensure that you list your home for the appropriate price. Moreover, it is important to find real estate agents that actually know what they are doing and can negotiate the best price for you. In this article, we will explain why real estate agents can help you sell your home and why it is so important to have a good agent on your side. For starters, working as a team has its advantages, and you compensate the same for a full team of agents as you do for a single agent. Each member has his or her own role, which means that everyone can become experts in their particular areas. With six bodies out there active in the marketplace on a daily basis, we always have our finger on the pulse of the market. Moreover, nothing gets missed or forgotten and since there is more than one person on a team, members can be in two -or even six- different places at once. Therefore, you never miss out on an opportunity and everything gets done a lot faster. Being desperate for a sale also negatively affects the way you handle your business. However, since the agents at Team Kerr are used to a high level of production, we are not desperate for sales and can thus focus on our clients and give excellent customer service. In turn, superior customer service ends up producing better results and our houses sell faster. Nevertheless, working as a team is not the only important factor you need to consider if you are selling your home. It is important to work with an experienced agent that actually knows what he or she is doing. A great agent compared to an average agent could mean that your home will spend less time on the market and you may even receive a higher selling price. Take, for instance, an average agent compared to those at Team Kerr:

    • Average agents sell 52% of their listing, whereas Team Kerr sells 85%.
    • Average agents obtain 96.7% of the asking price for homes, whereas Team Kerr obtains 99%.
    • Average agents have their houses listed for about 45.3 days, whereas Team Kerr’s average is 19.8 days.
    • Average agents do about 5.6 sales per year (crazy I know!), whereas Team Kerr’s averages 107 sales per year.

    Considering these statistics, it seems obvious that one should do their research and consider finding an above average real estate agent. Moreover, reputation is everything so find real estate agents with excellent reputations, that come highly recommended by others, and that have the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that your home sells fast and for the best price possible.

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