Thinking About Buying A House In Vancouver?

  • Are you thinking about buying a house in Vancouver? It’s no secret that housing prices in Vancouver are typically more costly than other places.

    However, we also have an idea why that is, and it is probably the same reason why you want to move to Vancouver in the first place. The summers are warm and sunny, and the winters are mild.

    In fact, you might not even need a scarf, winter hat, or gloves all year round. What’s more, you will hardly ever have to bring out that dreaded snow blower or shovel.

    In fact, Vancouver’s winters are easily the warmest in Canada. Vancouver is a golfer’s paradise and an outdoor enthusiast’s dream come true. If you don’t mind the rain, Vancouver is the perfect place to be.

    As one of the most populous metropolitan districts in Canada, Vancouver is home to over 603,000 people. If you didn’t already realize how multi-cultural Canada is, you will when you visit Vancouver.

    There are large ethnic groups of English, Scottish, Irish, Indian, South-East Asian and German decent; however, the largest group in the city is the Chinese.

    Not surprisingly, Vancouver constantly ranks near the top of the world’s best cities to live in.

    Downtown Vancouver offers a plethora of diverse foods to try, sporting events to attend, and other attractions to discover.

    Vancouverites love their BC Lions and Vancouver Canucks, but you are free to choose whichever sports or sports teams you like!

    Some of the best neighbourhoods to live in are situated in Vancouver’s downtown core, to the west of downtown, and over the bridge to West and North Vancouver.

    In fact, North and West Vancouver are among Canada’s safest places to live. Currently, the Vancouver housing market is booming, and the drop in the loonie could make Vancouver an even more alluring place to live for people coming from other countries.

    However, the question remains: as the Vancouver real estate market gets more and more popular, how high will prices go?

    If you are seriously considering buying a new home in Vancouver, yet are shocked about the housing prices, you might want to consider broadening your search; include condos and townhouses in the city and suburbs.

    By choosing a condo or townhouse, you will still get to enjoy all that Vancouver has to offer but on a more affordable scale.

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