Three Great Places to Catch a Laugh in Vancouver

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    Laughter is the Best Medicine

    Three Great Places to Catch a Laugh in Vancouver

    It’s been said that laughter is the best medicine and, at Team Kerr, our East Van realtors couldn’t agree more.  While your East Vancouver realtor guarantees to take as much stress and anxiety out of the home buying process as possible, sometimes it can be easy to get bogged down along the way.  When that starts to happen, just like when other parts of your life get busy, you need to make time to laugh! Whether you need a laugh during the home buying process with your East Van realtors or simply want to see a different side of Vancouver’s night life, consider paying a visit to one of the city’s top comedy clubs!  

    The Comedy MIX

    Located in the heart of Vancouver in the Century Plaza Hotel and Spa, The Comedy MIX promises to deliver nightly laughs to East Van realtors and clients alike!  The MIX draws in the best Canadian and international comics, delivering hilarious stand-up shows every night from Tuesday to Saturday. Ticket prices vary throughout the week, but do not eclipse $20.00 – making for a very reasonably priced way to spend a night on the town.  Visit their website to see who will be making the crowd guffaw while you are in town working with your East Vancouver realtor.

    Yuk Yuk’s

    Despite being a Vancouver favorite, the history of Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Club can actually be traced all the way back to 1976 in Toronto.  Since the early days, this club has expanded to fourteen locations across the country – each delivering hilarious amateur and professional stand-up on a near nightly basis.  Yuk Yuk’s boasts the best pro-amateur open mic comedy night in the city, and both local and touring comics fill headlining spots most other nights of the week. If you are looking for an evening laugh during your time shopping for homes in Vancouver, Yuk Yuk’s just may be the place!

    Vancouver Theatre Sports League

    If stand-up comedy isn’t quite your thing and you are in search of something a little more theatrical, then Vancouver Theatre Sports League is just for you.  This improvisational troop of comics has a wide variety of shows up their sleeves, all of which deliver laughs in bunches. Having gotten their start in 1980, Vancouver Theatre Sports League has been winning awards and growing their team and humor ever since.   Check out their website to learn what they have in store while you are in Vancouver working with your East Vancouver realtor.

    While our East Van realtors at Team Kerr seek to make the home buying and selling processes as smooth and enjoyable as possible, we understand the occasional need to step back, take a deep breath, and escape for a minute.  What better way than searching out some belly laughs in the city you will soon call home? Check out one of the above three comedy providers in Vancouver, or look for other open mic nights around town. Sometimes laughter truly is the best medicine.

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