Three Off the Beaten Path Destinations to Visit as you Explore Vancouver Real Estate Listings

  • As you begin working with your Vancouver realtor real estate specialist at Team Kerr, you will quickly realize how proud we are of the city we call home.  There is something fun and unique to do near every single property in the Vancouver real estate listings, and the city as a whole provides a lifetime’s worth of new experiences.  While you ponder your new home and explore various options with your Vancouver realtor real estate specialist, be sure to take a break and see what the city has to offer. Looking for something a little off the beaten path?  Check out these three local favorites.

    Find the Hidden Treehouse in Montrose Park

    Nestled just east of Highway 1 on the Vancouver Harbor is beautiful Montrose Park.  Complete with beautiful views and ample open space and vegetation, this park is a great place to relax after spending your day paging through the Vancouver real estate listings.  While you wonder through the woods, keep your eyes peeled for a hidden treehouse in the forest canopy. This hideaway provides a fun outdoorsy urban outing and is also a great place for the kids to explore and tap into their imagination!

    Hide from the Pacific Northwest Rain at 6Pack Beach

    It’s no secret that it can rain quite a bit in the Pacific Northwest.  If you happen to be here working with your Vancouver realtor real estate specialist during a rainy spell and want to channel some beach vibes, look no further than 6Pack Beach.  This indoor, sand covered warehouse hosts beach volleyball courts and a variety of fun and games for the entire family.

    Step into Another Reality at Univrs

    The future is now, at Univrs – Vancouver’s first virtual reality arcade.  Whether you are a video game player or not, spending a day or even just a couple of hours at Univrs is sure to provide a mind blowing experience that will introduce you to a technology that could very well be the wave of the future.  If browsing the Vancouver real estate listings is proving to be an exhausting task, step into an alternative reality altogether at Univrs!

    Vancouver is a city full of fun and quirky things to do around every corner.  Some are more popular than others, and locals know all the best secrets. Check out the above three destinations if you need a break from the norm and, once you move to town, you too will begin to uncover the plethora of hidden gems that Vancouver has to offer.  

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