Three Reasons to Investigate Commercial Drive Condos for sale

  • With so many unique and wonderful neighborhoods in Vancouver, shopping for your new home can seem overwhelming.  While every corner of this city has something to offer, many of the experts at Team Kerr view Commercial Drive as an especially intriguing part of town.  Centrally located in downtown Vancouver, this area boasts something for everyone.  As you continue your real estate search, make sure to peruse Commercial Drive condos for sale.  What makes this area so special?  Keep reading to find out!

    Embrace Diversity Downtown

    You may hear locals refer to Commercial Drive as “Little Italy,” and while that may be the case, this corner of downtown has grown into one of the most diverse and eclectic in all of Vancouver.  Immigrants from Italy and Southern Europe flocked to the Commercial Drive area following WWI and WWII, and their presence is still felt.  In recent years, however, this neighborhood has also become home to hippies, bohemians, families, and a wide variety of different cultures.   It is the perfect place to enjoy the beautiful diversity that helps to make Vancouver so special.  

    The Festival Capital of Vancouver

    In a city that loves having a reason to celebrate, Commercial Drive is king.  In addition to the eclectic flare and growing charm of this region, Commercial Drive also plays host to some of the city’s most beloved celebrations.  Naturally, “Little Italy” celebrates Italian Day in style but that is just the tip of the iceberg.  Over the course of the year, people from all over will take to the streets for such renowned celebrations as Illuminares, the Dyke March, the Parade of Lost Souls, East Side Pride, and the Vancouver Poetry Festival.  Chances are good that as you visit Commercial Drive condos for sale you may need to take a break to help locals celebrate something in this bustling corner of downtown Vancouver.

    Enjoy a Distinct Local Flare – Look for Commercial Drive condos for Sales

    Perhaps what makes Commercial Drive so special is the large collection of local shops, stores, cafes, and eateries that line the main drag and surrounding blocks.  Absent of major strip malls, it is the charm of the small family owned shops and restaurants that make Commercial Drive so special.  Coffee shops and eateries for every appetite draw visitors from around town.  A diverse collection of shops selling art to instruments dot the sidewalks, and unique bars, craft breweries, and clubs cater to the late night crew.  No matter your interests, you will soon find favorite boutique shops, restaurants, and cafes that will make you feel right at home.  

    Commercial Drive has always been a popular corner of downtown Vancouver, and recently it has grown into even more of a local favorite neighborhood.  The experts at Team Kerr would have to agree, as the diversity, festivals, and local flare truly make this area one of the best in town.  So, as you continue your home search in Vancouver, be sure to research Commercial Drive condos for sale to truly experience what this neighborhood is all about!

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