Top 6 Simple DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Kids

  • Sunday, May 14 doesn’t need to be a big production, but it should show the Mom in your life you’re thinking of her, and everything she does. Because chances are, you don’t even know the half of it! We’ve selected 10 of the coolest, simplest ideas from some of the internet’s craftiest people to help you create a DIY Mother’s Day gift she’ll cherish for always.

    Pop Art Canvas Silhouettes

    These striking silhouette canvases will add a pop of colour to any wall in your Vancouver home. Simply select a canvas size that suits your apartment or house, snap a profile pic and grab your favourite colour of acrylic paint. See the full instructions here.


    Ocean Stone Bath Mat

    Put all of those rock collecting expeditions to good use! Choose the flattest possible ones in the collection and glue to a rubber mat to turn mom’s bathroom into an ocean-inspired oasis. Rock bath mat instructions.


    10 Things I love About You

    Let her know how much you care–and why with this cute flip book. Simply choose fancy papers, write ten things you love about your mom, and fashion into a cute book she’ll look at again and again.


    K-Cup Bath Bombs

    Make a soothing treat from all those K-cups used on too-early mornings. Simple household ingredients and an over-night wait make a lovely smelling bath bomb she’ll love to indulge in. Get the recipe here.


    Fruit Stamped Tea Towels

    Spruce up a new kitchen with bright colours and old… fruit? Cut lemons in half, then use like potatoes stamps on pretty white linen for a fresh look. She’ll think of you every time these tea towels are put to use.


    Mason Jar Picture Vase

    Display photos in a new way while staying on the ever-popular mason jar trend with this super easy tutorial. Doubles as a tea light holder for a multi-purpose DIY Mother’s Day gift.



    See our blog post on the Best Brunch Places in Kitsilano if you’re looking to take Mom out on her big day! Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at Team Nickerrson. Now, which DIY Mother’s Day gift are you going to create?

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