An Insider’s Look at one of Vancouver’s Favorite Neighborhoods: Riley Park

  • As one of the top realtors in East Vancouver, the family here at Team Kerr eknows the neighborhoods of our beloved city inside and out.  We would be hard pressed to choose a favorite part of town, but no one will argue that the Riley Park neighborhood is full of the character and charm that make Vancouver one of the world’s most desirable cities to call home.  If you are not too familiar with this neighborhood in the center of Vancouver, keep reading to discover why so many locals have bumped it to one of their favorite communities.  

    A Brief History of Riley Park

    All East Vancouver realtors will tell you that the history of a place will undoubtedly add a special flare to the building or neighborhood you call home.  The history of Riley Park in particular can be traced all the way back to 1893.  It was then, in the late 19th Century, that pioneers and loggers relocated to the area and began cutting trails around Little Mountain in what is now this neighborhood.  By the early 20th Century, these early pioneers started to call this area home, as small communities sprung up mostly around today’s upper Main Street.  While early residents were mostly local loggers and quarry workers, the community slowly grew into what is now a bustling little corner of Vancouver, BC.

    Riley Park Today

    As you may imagine, Riley Park has come a long ways in the past 100 plus years.  Today, the neighborhood is bound and defined by 16th and 41st Avenues to the north and south, and Fraser and Cambie Streets to the east and west.  As of the 2011 Census 22,000 call this section of Vancouver home.  The median age of residents is 40 years old.

    Many East Vancouver realtors have noted growth in the area, likely attributed to growing amenities and culture as well.  Main, Fraser, and Cambie Streets all boast unique shops, stores, restaurants, and bars along with all of the conveniences needed to live a comfortable life in the city.  Combined with the ease of access to public transportation downtown, centralized location in Vancouver, and variety of housing options available, Riley Park has quickly come into its own as a favorite neighborhood to many locals.  

    Vancouver is home to many individual neighborhoods that all boast their own unique perks.  While choosing a favorite neighborhood is like picking your favorite child for many East Vancouver realtors, everyone at Team Kerr would agree that Riley Park has certainly come into its own.  To learn more about the neighborhood and its news and events, visit  Otherwise, contact the experts at Team Kerr to start shopping for your dream Riley Park home today!

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