Vancouver, One Of The Best Cities To Live In The World

  • Did you know that in 2015 Mercer ranked Vancouver as the best city to live in North America and the number 5 place to live worldwide? Vancouver residents have known for decades what a special place they live in, but what makes Vancouver one of the best cities to live in?

    Vancouver: Amazing Balance Between Nature and City

    Vancouver has always done an amazing job of balancing maintaining it’s natural beauty with it’s increasing urban pressures.Whether it was taking protective actions like setting aside the Agricultural Land Reserve in 1973 or creating View Corridors in 1989 the local government has always cared about keeping Vancouver beautiful.

    Vancouver is one of the only places that you can take a swim in a pool, dive in the ocean, and take a trip to the mountains to ski all in the same day. The weather is moderate year-round, and while it can be rainy and sometimes cold, it is rarely outside of a moderate band of temperatures. People in Vancouver often play sports outdoors on a year-round basis and it is easy to get lost in Vancouver’s greenery even walking the streets (as it  boasts 200 parks and 130,00 trees just along its streets).

    Vancouver is actually one of the greenest cities in North America. The city derives 93% of its electricity from Hydroelectric power plants which means the city has a much lower rate of air pollution. Vancouver has a great public transportation system as well and it is never a surprise to see people walking, bicycling, or jogging to the places they need to visit around town.

    Vancouver: Incredible Human And Cultural Capital

    Vancouver is a city of incredible multicultural diversity with a high-standard of living, great primary schools, and boasts incredible cultural capital. From its sports teams (The BC Lions and Vancouver Canucks) to its theater and fashion districts, Vancouver is one of the cultural centers of North America. Virtually every nationality is represented in the fabric of the city.

    You can spend the morning meditating in a park, eat lunch in one of the many incredible restaurants in Chinatown, spend the afternoon socializing or working in one of Vancouver’s thriving coffee houses, eat dinner at a five star restaurant with a loved one, and catch a play before heading home for relaxation and sleep.

    And if you want or need continuing your education, Vancouver is home to many internationally recognized Colleges and Universities too (like The University of British Columbia).

    No matter what you are looking for, Vancouver is likely to offer it in an incredibly  beautiful and temperate package. Vancouver is definitely one of the best cities to live in in the world!

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