Why Vancouver real estate agents best handle your needs

  • Why use a Vancouver Real Estate Agent?

    Whether you are considering hiring East Vancouver real estate agents or Kitsilano real estate agents, there are still plenty of reasons that professional real estate agents will help you find (and close on) the best property at the best price.

    Recently, there was a successful attempt in Toronto to open up Canada’s Multiple Listing Service (MLS) so that the information would be made available to everyone across Canada. The MLS is the most comprehensive grouping of available real estate listings and one of the tools Realtors use to figure out what properties are available for sale or rent. Currently, the MLS information is only available to realtors.

    One thing is certain, improvements in technology are making more and more information that used to be privately available to the public often through the creation of websites that compare and contrast prices from different providers.

    As many people say, information wants to be made public.

    But if you have access to more information? Why will Vancouver Real Estate Agents still be indispensable to finding your dream property?

    Reasons To Choose Vancouver Real Estate Agents

    As you have probably read recently, new taxes have recently been imposed on the purchase of new properties in the Vancouver area. If these taxes could potentially apply to your purchase or affect your sale, real estate agents can help you navigate the best solutions.

    But, In the United States, the MLS is open to the public in across many states but Americans in these states still use realtors in 80% of transactions and the commissions for realtors have gone up (not down) by a slight percentage. So, why, even with perfect information, do people still prefer to use realtors?

    As a long time-agent in Toronto explained, “You don’t pay me for what I do, you pay me for what I know.” East Vancouver Real Estate agents have spent years and sometimes decades learning the market, establishing relationships with other realtors, and mastering everything from the escrow process to the complex paperwork necessary to legally close sales.

    In addition, negotiations between experienced realtors is more an art than a science. Having experience and established relationships can make all the difference in getting the right price.

    You might have noticed on television shows about real estate, there is often a massive difference between how the buyer and seller perceive the value of a property. Kitsilano real estate agents have a career education in the true value of Kitsilano real estate and an understanding of comparative pricing  They also know how to be sensitive to the sensibilities of the buyer and seller.

    More information is always a good thing, but there are still many great reasons you should take advantage of the experience and wisdom of Vancouver’s real estate agents.

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