How Vancouver School Rankings Affect Your Property

  • Every year, the Fraser Institute realizes a report ranking elementary and secondary schools throughout BC based on standardized testing. Why could this affect you as home buyer or seller in Vancouver? If the property is in a catchment area for a high-ranking school — or not-so-desirable one — it could make all the difference to potential buyers.

    What is the Fraser Institute

    Canada’s leading research entity into government actions in areas such as education, taxation, health care and other important factors impacting the quality of life for Canadians.

    What Do Standardized Tests Actually Mean

    The tests assess reading, writing, and numeracy. But, it’s important for parents looking for a home in a particular catchment to keep in mind that choosing a school based solely on these standardized tests isn’t necessarily an accurate representation of everything a particular school has to offer. For example, teachers move from year-to-year, along with them the teaching styles and thus the number of students who actually participate in the standardized testing.

    How Can a Home Seller Improve the Appeal of Their Catchment Zone?

    Maybe your property is in the catchment of a high-ranking school, that is definitely something you will want to highlight for prospective home buyers. But let’s agree that most parents want their kids to be well-rounded, empathetic and open-minded individuals. Academics play a huge role in that, as well as a child’s future quality of life, but they aren’t the sole factors. Perhaps the school in your catchment isn’t a Top 10, but it offers unique programs that appeal to your child’s sensibilities. What other priorities could be important when selecting a school: average tenure of the teachers, extracurriculars, state of the facilities and a host of others. There’s something special about every neighbourhood; zero in on what that is, and play it up!


    If your curiosity is piqued, you can find a complete list of rankings at You can search by school, city or ranking, as well as select several schools for comparison.


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