Where to Grab a Celebratory Drink with your East Vancouver Real Estate Agents

  • Although rewarding, buying or selling homes can be a long process.  From the early steps of looking through the East Vancouver real estate listings to visiting East Vancouver condos for sale and finally making the moves to close on your home, there are a lot of steps to work through with your East Vancouver real estate agents.  As such, when all is said and done, you should plan on celebrating! After closing on your East Vancouver condos for sale or dream home, why not go grab a drink to commemorate the occasion. If you are already in the neighbourhood with your East Vancouver real estate agents, check out one of Team Kerr’s favourite local watering holes.

    The Cascade Room

    The Cascade Room is not only one of our favorite spots for a drink in East Vancouver but across the city as a whole.  This modern cocktail lounge emulates the atmosphere of classic UK pubs and serves some of the best cocktails in the city.  The expert mixologists at The Cascade Room will make any drink you want, from their exciting drink menu to all of your classic favourites.  This local establishment is the perfect place to celebrate the end of your search through the East Vancouver real estate listings.


    Jackalope’s Neighbourhood Dive

    If you are looking for a quiet and modest place to celebrate closing on your new home or East Vancouver condos for sale, look no further than Jackalope’s Neighbourhood Dive.  Jackalope’s prides itself on its simple setting, low-key atmosphere, and affordable menu. East Vancouver needs places like Jackalope’s Neighbourhood Dive, and after one visit you may have discovered your new favourite local haunt.


    The Five Point

    East Vancouver has a watering hole for all tastes and preferences, and The Five Point is the place to go if classic pubs are your thing.  Boasting a delicious menu full of some of the best pub fare in the city, as well as many daily specials, and one of our favourite patios in the city.  In short, The Five Point is the perfect place to raise a glass to your new adventure.


    Buying or selling a home can sometimes seem like a tedious process, but it doesn’t have to be.  With the right team of East Vancouver real estate agents buying or selling your home will be a breeze.  Trust our experienced professionals at Team Kerr to help you from start to finish and, when all is said and done, get ready to toast at one of East Vancouver’s favourite watering holes!

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