Why You Need to Review Your Insurance, with Murrick Insurance’s Jeff Myers

  • If you haven’t had your home insurance reviewed in the past year, it’s time for an update!

    Matt Kerr talks to Murrick Insurance’s Jeff Myers about why you should regularly review your home insurance. It is important to ensure that your insurance is up to date on the condition of your home, including renovations and additions, because this can impact the value of your home. Reviewing your insurance yearly also allows you to  learn about new or upcoming insurance products that might beneficial to you.

    Additionally, you should review your insurance to make sure you are adequately safeguarded against natural disasters. Here in Vancouver, earthquake insurance could be critical, as well as flooding or fires in some areas. You wouldn’t want to take risks on your valuable home investment – insurance can help you mitigate those risks.

    About Jeff Myers

    Myers is Team Kerr’s trusted insurance expert and helps home owners ensure they have the right insurance for their needs. As an independent insurance broker, Myers is committed to helping you find the ideal combination of price, claims service and coverage to suit your individual needs.

    Watch the video to learn more about home insurance!

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