Green Living in Vancouver BC

Air Conditioners, Furnaces and Water Heaters

The problem:

They all use lots of energy; the air conditioner is typically the biggest consumer of power in most homes. In many cases, however, it doesn’t pay to replace these big-ticket items unless there’s a secondary problem with the unit.

What to do:

Reduce the need for air-conditioning by installing energy-efficient ceiling fans. Programmable thermostats (about $50 and up) save heat or air conditioning power when you’re sleeping or not at home.

When it’s time for a new furnace (they typically last 25-30 years), chose the highest efficiency model available ($1400-4000). The greenest option around is source heating, also known as geothermal ($18,000-40,000 installed).

When it’s time to replace the hot water heater (every 10-15 years), consider an on-demand unit ($1000-$2500 installed) which costs 60 per cent less to run. Until then, launder in cold water and install low-flow shower heads and aerator faucets, which mix air and water to give less flow but maintain high pressure. Keep your electric water heater at 60 degrees Celsius and your gas water heater at 55 degrees Celsius.

Expected Savings:

About 30 to 40 per cent increase in efficiency; switching to a geothermal energy system will cut costs by 300 to 500 per cent.

Wrapping your older electric hot water tank with an insulating blanket will save you up to 9% on your water heating costs



Green Living Is In Our DNA

Vancouver is a green city, we all love our outdoors, our open spaces, our mountains and clean air. At Team Kerr we believe strongly in living “green”, it’s in our DNA. We love helping our neighbours live a greener life and that starts with education. If everyone in Vancouver took the above noted steps we could keep millions of tons of unnecessary pollution out of the environment every year.

But our passion for greener living goes further than just educating others; we put our money where our mouth is, literally! The Team Kerr “Green Fund” has helped benefit dozens of charities right here in Vancouver. Every year we donate 10% of our profit to local charities. We’ve given away hundreds of thousands to benefit charities across Vancouver, right here, because we live here too.

It’s A Win-Win

When you choose to buy or sell your home with Team Kerr you can rest assured you are not only getting world class service, but you can know that your priorities, are our priorities. If you’re selling: we will help you get your home “green-compliant” and ready for sale. Buying a home? Our team will show you homes through the lens of green compliance. We can help you find a home that will meet even the most stringent “green” requests.

But the good karma doesn’t end there! Knowing our team will donate 10% of our profit to benefit charities in your area, can help you feel good a all over again. It’s win-win.

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